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The debut Tired of Triangles album is available for the first time on CD!
It has been completely revamped (remixed, with some overdubs being added or replaced)
and remastered.

It sounds way better.

Buy it on Bandcamp HERE, or listen to it on Spotify HERE.

You can also hear the tracks via Youtube...

In 2018...

...we put out a pretty swell new 45rpm 7"
also from the label Kaji-Pup Records (follow us on FB HERE).

Buy/hear the record HERE.

"The Drowned World" was featured on Urban Arts Berlin's Ballardian Soundscapes.
Click HERE to hear/buy this excellent compilation, a tribute to J.G. Ballard.

You can also hear the tracks via Youtube...

Here's hoping you dig it.

And don't forget, our previous 45 is still shipping worldwide,
You can pick up copies HERE now.

And you can also hear the tracks via Youtube...

In older, older news....

A few years back I did a fun film-related self-interview which you can read HERE.

A trailer for The Plants Are Listening is available HERE.

Visit my "blog" HERE for the most current information.

Have also got a Vimeo page HERE where some of my better movies can be seen.

All the best!